What's new with this update?

Not to mention new tees and bandanas, here are some more improvements you should know :)



Now Studio Eloise tags have size written on the front side!

You can send a gift card to your friend!

Half and Half Asymmetric pattern bandanas

Have you ever seen shirts, jacket or even pants that have different fabric on their left and right side? I have been eyeing on this design element for sometime now. (It can be found from street fashion brands from a couple years back, and even a few pieces on 18 FW runway this time!)

Truth to be told I wanted to wear it myself, but I'm that kind of person who can wear these types of things when I see at least 3 other people on the street wearing it. So naturally, I made it into a bandana for our dogs! You all know our pups can wear anything and everything better than us humans (jk).

If you have known about this trend, now your pup can wear it too.
If it's new to you? Try one, and it'll look so cute and stylish- I promise. 

We slightly improved our pattern! 

It's not even noticeable to the most, but we spent a ton of time with paper, scissors, curved rulers and even a calculator to SLIGHTLY improve our tee patterns.

Size of each each tees haven't changed at all. They just have newly adjusted curves to acheive better fit without sacrificing comfort. I think you can spot how they're changed with your keen eyes!

Spring colors everywhere!

We strive to make tees and bandanas you can wear everyday, but we also look everywhere for the very special fabric to make those everyday items.

The Willow (left) as well as Bailey hoodie fabrics are imported from Japan. If you look closely those white stripes are looped terry texture stripes that looks like scalloped lace edge. 
The Willow has such a lovely shade of warm baby blue. Initially we meant to buy Bailey hoodie fabric only, but couldn't pass on such lovely color!

Kiwi Tweed Hoodie (right) is something we've been saving for months! We got this fabric from Designer remnant fabric store in Garment district, NYC last fall. It was just getting cold in the city back then, but we knew it'll be perfect for coming spring weather. 

Kiwi Tweed Hoodie is made with our Raw Fluff tee pattern. (Raw Fluff tee was praised by many about how comfortable it is, fyi!) If you're a XS wearer we still have a few XS Raw Fluff tee left in the SALE menu, so take a look while you're here.

Say Hello / Say Goodbye

Yes, both of Elly's humans are big fans of Mean Girls. Elly's mom is especially a fan of Tina Fey. (When we first moved to NYC she thought one day she'll run into Tina Fey but this did not happen even after 2 years of working in UWS office)

Anyway, we all have fun wearing pink on Wednesdays. Elly unfortunately didn't have many pink items. So when we found this pink shade of our dream- we decided to name it Wednesday tee & make it Elly's Wednesday uniform.

What do you think? You are more than welcome to join us! I hope to see you next Wednesday wearing this tee <3

And now, let's say bye to our beloved Ollie tee. I still can't believe how many of you loved this little tee. It's been almost 2 years since I haul tens of yards of this fabric from Seoul, Korea to Busan, Korea then again to Incheon airport, JFK airport and finally to Brooklyn!

Since then the fabric has been cut, sewn together, sent to be enjoyed by many pups around the globe. Even thought original Ollie tee is sold out now, we were able to make some Ollie All Stripes version this time. 

We used every last bit of Ollie fabric we had left, so it can't be restocked once they're gone. 
Make sure you get one before they're all sold out. Meanwhile we'll be searching everywhere for new fabric just as awesome as this.


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