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We are away on our Baby Hiatus!

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Two New Designs, all solids


Back in Stock, just in time for spring weather!

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Hello, friends of Studio Eloise!

We’re very happy to announce that we’re expecting a baby boy at the end of April 2019 :)
It’s been surprisingly challenging and we’ve been working towards getting ready to fit another human in our lives as well as working on Studio Eloise side of our lives. It’s been a very slow process due to new physical challenges popping up every week, but we’re so happy to be able to fit in a mini update before the baby arrives!

  • We’re planning to close the store temporarily around April 10th, 2019.
    We can’t say for sure when will we be back for sure, but we’re aiming to come back later this year when the weather gets cold again.

Even though we are temporarily closing our shop for some time, we’ll be in touch with you via Instagram & email. Say hi to us anytime!

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With love and thanks from the bottom of our hearts,
Emma + Elly


It's all about small happiness


New song you like, new scented candle relaxes you, new spot your pup likes to smell, that little happy puppy smile you see.

Here are a few more you can add on your 'favorite things' list.

As always- we built this collection with quality materials we love. We had fun while making them. We named the items after pups and places we love. 
Now we wish to return the small happy moments we received to you :D


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We'll be waiting for you there; see you soon!