Scooby & Willow

Hi!  I’m Scooby and I’m part Maltese part Shihtzu part Cav and 100% adorable (or so Mum says 😊). I’m an 11 year old rescue pup and I live in Melbourne Australia with my baby sister Willow. 


Willow (left) in  Boathouse tee , Scooby (right) in sold out  Fuzzy wool tee

Willow (left) in Boathouse tee, Scooby (right) in sold out Fuzzy wool tee

Baby sister Willow

To celebrate (commiserate?) Baby Willow’s arrival in August, Elly named a tee after me woo hoo and thank you Elly, I’m so excited about the Scooby and can’t wait to strut my stuff in it!

Scooby in  Boathouse tee  

Scooby in Boathouse tee 

Coffee dates everyday

I love to go on coffee dates (preferable without Baby Willow 😊), and I love tummy tickles and treats (I’m known for my #treatsplease pose).


More than anything I love to look stylish, after all. Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia, if not the world.

So if you adore chic comfy clothes like I do, then Studio Eloise is for you.  The clothes are so beautiful and soft and stylish and both Willow and I love wearing them.

I can’t promise you’ll instantly turn into the HAWTEST pupster on the ‘gram (like with the Ollie) but you will certainly be one of the chicest pups around when you wear the Scooby.


Studio Eloise community

And you know what the best thing is about Studio Eloise??

It’s more than just a fashion line, it’s a community of beautiful like minded pups and their lovely caring pawrents.  We are honoured and humbled to have met so many gorgeous furiends through Studio Eloise, thank you so much Emma and Elly and congratulations on what you have created for all of us!

Love and woofs, Le Scoob xo

PS don’t forget to buy up big and use my code:
SCOOBY for free shipping on all international orders over $135. 
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Happy Shopping Everypawdy!
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See me in the Boathouse on the National News with Mum recently!