partners needed

How Does it work?

Studio Eloise partners will receive personalized free shipping code. You can choose one of US free shipping or international free shipping codes. 

Your personalized code will offer:

  • free shipping for US order over $70

  • free shipping for international order over $140

When your personalized code is used certain number of times, you'll receive store credit to straight to your inbox!

  • Every 10 US orders you'll receive $45 credit
  • Every 5 International orders you'll receive $45 credit

You can accumulate store credit within 1 year since the first code is created.
Store credit amount is in USD.
Store credit is non-transferable. 
Cancelled, returned orders will not count towards the store credit.


We're looking for..

  • Someone who fit in our stock size (XS,S,M,L,XL)
  • Someone who already owns something from Studio Eloise
  • Someone who doesn't promote other brands

Even if you don't match above criteria, please don't hesitate to apply! We are mainly looking for pups who can share our enthusiasm.

What you can do with your free shipping code:

You can certainly use it for yourselves (your own order will also count towards store credit). You can also share it in the caption or bio. Let's be creative!

Sincerely, Elly & Emma
September 25, 2017