I'm wearing  Cactus Hoodie !

I'm wearing Cactus Hoodie!

Hello I'm Kiwi ! 

Yes, Kiwi like the fruits. I'm 2 years old and live in Quebec, Canada with my mom and my grandparents, because mom takes care of them. I love playing with my favorite toy, Mr Zebra! 

I love to wear clothes because they make me feel cozy and so much more warmer. I love Studio Eloise clothes because they use soft and high quality of fabrics and a unique design. 

Kiwi's FAQ

Q: What breed are you ? 
A: I am a brown tiny toy poodle. 

Q: What's your favorite Studio Eloise tee/hoodie ? 
A: All of them, can't choose one! 

Q: What your size ?
A: I am 4,5 pounds and I wear small. But I'm fluffy! 

Q: What's your favorite activity ? 
A: On summer - napping on my flamingo float in the pool.
     On winter : napping on mom's legs. I'm a real couch potato! 

Q: What do you like most, walking or be carried? 
A: Be carried by everyone ! I always want to be carried.


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